Beckett at 124 weeks.

Just kidding! He’s 2 1/2 and super delightful.

I am constantly surprised that a lot of his character is neither of us, but all his own. Beckett really breaks the mold in spirit and tenacity! Trying to keep up with him is an exercise in heightened laser senses, the word “relax” is only relative these days 🙂

He has started swim lessons, will be moving up a classroom in Montessori in the Fall and is a super fan of fountains, robots, and kitchen appliances.

When he is not plotting to overthrown the regime that is “MamaPapa”, he is super delightful and full of the best retelling of our days. xoxo

photo credit: Auntie Missy Garcia


Halloween in Vietnam

Today we celebrated B’s first Halloween in Hoi An. B was a Bee by default! We weren’t able to get the baby carrot costume in time and the baby diver is still in production at Dragone 🙂

There is not too much going on here in the way of celebrations- but I kind of like that. Hoi An is an ancient village that tries to stay true to it’s roots and does a pretty good job fending off Westernization from tourism. But there were a few local kids here and there dressed up and riding there bikes through the carless streets.

Here B is on his first Halloween! No Trick or Treating, but we did make it out to lunch at Ms. Vy’s with our friends, Dane and Kelly and have an improptu photoshoot in front of the temple next door which involved weaving in and out of motorbike and fruit lady  traffic with my Baby Bee. He also got a little paparazzi action! The ladies love them some babies. They constantly tend to him and we’ve had him swept out of our arms as we eat almost every meal.

Happy Halloween!IMG_6341 IMG_6342 IMG_6344 IMG_6346 IMG_6349 IMG_6354 IMG_6355 IMG_6358 IMG_6362

Eat Your Carrots!

A very very belated blog, back when I was really trying to keep this baby going on a regular basis. Wishful thinking, as I went from slow motion preggers, to my new gig as Mama, to Mama helping her friends open up a restaurant to my next chameleon color: baker…raw pastry chef…whatever I’m doing has really drained my clever writing skills and every time I sit to blog, all I get to typing is….what is going on word for word. No funny left in me! I think all my funny cells are going into milk production. I hope the milk B is getting is full of Vitamin Funny. Every body loves the funny guy.

I digress.

Here is a blog I wrote almost four months ago, when the energy of finally opening The Blissful Carrot was just picking up. I benched the blog, because I thought it needed more something.

But in the spirit of ‘it is what it is’, here it is 🙂

Good things are happening in Macau!

Good food is coming to our ‘hood.
Even better? It’s healthy food!
Even better? It’s in my favorite part of Macau, Old Taipa, just a few minutes walk from our place.
Even better? It is the blood, sweat, heart, and tears, of our dear friends, The Randle’s.
Even better? I am honored to help get this beauty up and running and help with the day to day healthy baking creations.
Even better?
Can it get better??
Beckett gets to come with me! Beckett + Baking = Bliss!
The BLISSful Carrot to be exact!


Beckett is ready to roll to the Carrot

Beckett is ready to roll to the Carrot

And I am loving that my guy is utterly laid back about being shaken around in his carrier by my rolling, chopping, and mixing. We’ve been baking and dancing up a storm in The Blissful Carrots lofted kitchen. So special because as two people who love to cook and bake, Marisa and I haven’t had a real kitchen in years, so believe or not, by China standards, this is magic!

Rolling some healthy raw energy balls for The Blissful Carrots opening day.

Rolling some healthy raw energy balls for The Blissful Carrots opening day.


There’s even room for a little shut eye.

Up in The Blissful Carrot's lofted kitchen.

Up in The Blissful Carrot’s lofted kitchen.

I am so greatful to be getting back to day to day busy-ness, and a boss who will also sit on the floor of The Carrot and breastfeed with me when nature calls (or cries):)

Marisa was my first friend when I got to Macau. Both of us, probably thinking we’d just be here for a bit, would take our dogs to the park together and dream up ideas about starting the first food truck in Macau. A good salad is an urban legend around here. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ve got an uphill battle in the restaurant scene. If you’re not a vegetarian, like myself, you were probably pretty turned off by sketchy, unethical meat options so you seek out the veggie fare anyway! Now here we are, two kids between us later, and the dream has gotten much bigger.

It makes me sentimental seeing our two boys together, getting to be Mamas together, and now getting to mess around all day in the kitchen together!

Here are both of our boys down below, napping amongst the fresh produce while we're up in the kitchen baking and juicing.

Here are both of our boys down below, napping amongst the fresh produce while we’re up in the kitchen baking and juicing.

If you think something can’t be done, just ask a Randles. They are like a super combination of can-do-it hippy’s fueled on coffee and vegetables.

Marisa and Aaron adding plants, signs, and paint to the outside of The Blissful Carrot.

Marisa and Aaron adding plants, signs, and paint to the outside of The Blissful Carrot.

After all their hardwork...including Marisa's hand painted floors!

After all their hardwork…including Marisa’s hand painted floors!

I am over the moon to be able to be helpful to some of the kindest people I know. Their energy and joy are contagious and and I can’t wait for it to light up Old Taipa!


A little love about The Blissful Carrot from another Macau Blog 🙂


Suspicion of vegetarians is a natural feeling most carnivorous and some omnivorous humans share. And although one can say “I couldn’t survive without meat”, we all know that that’s far from the truth, in fact, variety certainly is the spice of life and balance is key to some sort of spiritual mind and body clap-trap. Enter The Blissful Carrot.

Started by two expats, The Carrot as it’s affectionately called, is a vegetarian (not vegan, that would be weird), cafe/restaurant/take-away joint located in Old Taipa. Salads, all day brekky and a tonne of smoothies and craft beers is just the beginning. They offer juice cleanses and diet advise, have a community wall with info on a whole bunch of local arts and music news and can play host to dinner parties accommodating small to large groups. Not only that, but there’s a whole lot of specialty products that you can’t find…

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Only in (Kim) Chi-na


They say you are what you eat. And in this case you’d be a fermented cabbage chicken.
These eggs are actually a Korean import, but nothing in our stores is actually from Macau, it’s all imported which makes for a nice mix.

I find myself some days saying “I can’t find anything to eat in this grocery store!”, when you can actually find many things. Some things you never even thought were edible. (What the heck is all that sh!t in the dried bulk food section? I say this with zero sarcasm and very honestly: how could anybody eat something with texture of shriveled dried road kill that’s been roasting in the sun and the smell of dried road kill that’s been left roasting in the sun and then been microwaved? How? Some of that stuff would be on game shows like Fear Factor in the States.)

This post is really for my gluten free somewhat dairy free sister-friend who comes to visit and immediately stakes out the Kim Chee selection.

A: Can you have noodles!
J:Not really.
A:I know a good local pastry place!
J:No, buddy.
A:Pork Chop Sandwich?
J:I can have the inside.
A: Kim Chi aisle?
J: Right.

Having lived in a China town area or a city in the States, I’m embarrassed to say after living here almost three years, she knows way more about Asian food than I do, and she would definitely trust a chicken who ate Kim Chi.


At home, and in many parts of the world, it’s called Craigslist.
Need a babysitter? Craigslist! Need to rehome your dog? Craigslist 😦 Need to sell your 1980s Starwars figurine to pay the power bill? You know where to go.

In Macau we have Facebook groups.
( This is the part where I actually give some real information on Macau that might help someone new, before I get to the part that will not help you adjust to life in Macau what so ever. Or maybe it will.)

They are:

(named after a Cirque show that got the quick boot, it was meant to help performers and technical staff unload things quick, not all of Macau uses it.)


Macau Swap and Trade

If you want to go old school:

The lesser utilized 12×12 cork board at Cuppa Coffee

The soon to be very useful Community Corner at The Blissful Carrot

And the for the “no time to dilly dally” option:

Hong Kong Expat

On HongKong Expat if you’re willing to travel over by ferry you might be able to grab some more elusive scores. Antique furniture, a fancy coffee maker, a hedgehog. Really, exotic animals are hot! Or like our ever hustling friends, The Randles do, take a dolly with you and grab a few industrial stoves, cases of wine, or another better dolly to put on the dolly to later carry back more and bigger things from our hipster sibling country to the north.

On these delightful pages you can find concert tickets, helpers, or a lovely Philippino lady selling Angry Birds cupcakes that might or might not look like Pinterest fails.

Although we are close to mainland, the mother of all factories, we are separate from them in every way. Appliances specifically can go for two times the price here than in the States. Things get cleared off the shelves quickly when they come in. When winter approaches there’s serious scrapping for oil heaters. Summer brings squabbles over fans and dehumidifiers. If you have kids then you definitely watch these sites for Western imported items: strollers, cribs, that ridiculous bouncing thing that your little person is only going to use for a month. Why? Because let’s just say some of the materials and safety standards here are…debatable. But then so is the term “used”. My favorite disagreements are about how something can be “85% new!” Somebody’s going for the hard sell on that shoe rack.

While not all the postings on sites like Craigslist are always vanilla, but when they are, let’s say, chocolate , there is usually creative word play involved. Puns. Code words. Certainly There cannot be that many girls named Mary Jane and Molly Cyrus all wanting to meet up tonight?

So when this popped up in the middle of my Facebook feed between funny animal videos and breast feeding articles (how does Facebook know??), I completely cracked up.

Really MacauBuySellRent?
There are moderators on these pages that crack down on the most trivial things like Facebook hall monitors. May lightening strike you for bargaining in a foreign language. You can be kicked off the list if the picture of your ikea end table is one from the catalogue and not your actual table. And sayonara to the barterer who tries to haggle with a private message and somehow, Danny Rex slipped through the cracks?

While I admire Danny Rex’s entrepreneurial spirit, and while Macau is not really the most conservative country, currently rebranding itself as Asia’s Sin City, it certainly isn’t this progressive. They most certainly have very strict drug laws above almost any other offense. Not Singapore strict, but I most certainly would not want to spend the night next to old Broken Tooth Koi of the Triads out in Coloane. ( I might have just risked assassination by just dropping the name of the Scarface of the East.)

Wondering if there was a punch line, I read on, and also thought, where was Facebook in college? No walking around campus looking for “some guy named Dan with a beard”.

I also thought it was pretty funny considering that when a post comes up for something as trivial as a bread maker, there can be an all out bidding war with twenty comments and on this post it was crickets. I know. I checked back because I was dying for someone to take the bait. Did people smell a trap? Did no one want to sleep under Broken Tooth’s bunk? Did they already have “a guy named Dan with a beard”?